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International recruiting


The availability of specialized or entry-level labor is a major economic issue for the development of Quebec businesses. In this context, international recruitment is an essential solution to support the growth of your business.

How can we help you ?

A turnkey process


Needs assessment

During a meeting with your team, we take the time to establish a profile of your needs.


The analysis of the information obtained will be used to establish the profile of the employee to be recruited as well as a game plan to find them.


Preselection of candidates  

With our partners based abroad, we start the recruitment process:


  • Canvassing

  • Advertising campaigns

  • Preselection of the best candidates.



After an analysis of the applications, our team conducts interviews and a series of verifications:

  • Validation of technical skills and references

  • Verification of academic training

  • Verification of criminal and health records.


Administrative procedures

Our company carries out the administrative and legal procedures both for the candidates and for the company.


Lopal ensures a close follow-up and remains available throughout the immigration process.


Receiving and integration

We collect the candidates at the airport and place them in quarantine for 14 days. During this period, we offer them integration training in partnership with the Welcome Comitee of the region.

Your need for manpower is urgent?


Where to find us


Monday Friday:
9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
​​Saturday - Sunday:
By appointment

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